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Hawaii: another opportunity to use jeweltone colors. From sunsets to flowers and the waters of the Pacific, the painting opportunities abound. Painting in Hawaii was a wonderful experience for me. And I hope it was equally as great for the girls who studied painting with me while we were there. Each day we looked for new subjects to paint and new approaches to the painting process. Each of these images are linked to a larger version. Just click on the image to see the enlargement.

At the bottom of this page are original individual paintings that I have completed since my return.

The first morning of the workshop was spent on the balcony of our hotel room to view the tops of palm trees. We also didn't want to paint in the rain! But there are wonderful effects caused by rain. RAINBOWS! Hawaii has the most beautiful reainbows, and almost every one of them was a double rainbow.

Looking toward Lanai, we could see it covered almost entirely by clouds, but the light from the afternoon sun glowed through it, and created diamond-like glitters on the water. A lone fisherman was silhouetted against intense light. As the water poured through some of the rocks, it created concentric waves in the little tidal pools created by others.



Each morning we had a gathering of the residents to taste fresh fruit and coffee under the cabana. It also came in handy during brief rainstorms.


On the north shore of the island is Fleming Beach, and there is a little schoolhouse full of gleeful children. We painted there, beginning with a value study to change the direction of the light which was coming from the opposite side of this dark green building.

This is the point at Napili Kai Beach Resort, which has an impressive view of Molakai, another volcanic beauty in the chain of Hawaiian islands. The volcanoes are almost always encased in a cloud formation, which makes them mysterious and beautiful.

This is another view of Molakai, from the other side of the point, on the Kapalua Bay side. We sat on the wall on the south side of the Kapalua beach and painted the rocks, waves, and Molakai.

Children played all around, The breezes kept us cool and comfortable.

This is one of the many beautiful Hibiscus that graced the gardens and pathways around the island. Everyday there would be another color in bloom.

This painting was done from my digital camera on the way home. What a wonderful piece of equipment to have when traveling!. This is the point of the Napili Kai bay where we stayed.


As the sun sets each night the photo ops are numerous. Palm trees make a wonderfully graceful silhouette against the colorful sky.

Original Painting: not in the Journal
Hawaiian Sunset
Size: 20.25" x 13" Price: $550 framed

Two little paintings just completed....

Fleming Beach
Size: 6.5" x 9.75"inquire about pricing

Napili Point
Size: 7" x 9.5" inquire about pricing

These are by no means all of the paintings that I intend to do. I painted from one to four per day in my journal to record my experiences and the beauty of the island. I have painted each day since my return, and plan to do a few more before summer. On the last day in Hawaii, I threw my lei into the water to assure my return to this incredibly beautiful place someday.

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