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Viewing the Acropolis from the Plaka
I noticed that we could see the Acropolis from an street in the Plaka (Old Town, Athens).
It is an impressive sight and phenomenon whichlooms over the city. The city of Athens has been built around the Acropolis, and unfortunately on top of much of Athens' history, which now
cannot be excavated.



The Four-Legged Funicular
This was the transportation of choice (not mine!) for climbing to the acropoli on any island that we visited.We had a the other choice of walking (and in one case we could take a cable car....my choice) We had been told that however cute the donkeys were, that they carried a rather pungent odor, and that they were fed at the bottom, so the trip down might be a bit faster than we wished.





The Library of Celsus
This is the most amazing structure in a most amazing city....Ephesus,Turkey, which was built totally of marble...Even the streets are paved with marble. We think of the people centuries ago as being primitive, but this was a very advanced society. They even had running water. (not in the way that we do, but it sufficed for the time). Amazingly many of the structures were still elegantly standing...damaged by years of weather, and mostly destroyed by pilferage to build homes in surrounding areas. Now that has stopped, and reconstruction has begun.

Original is SOLD


Doorway in the Plaka, Athens
The Plaka streets are lined with old buildings, many of which are connected together. We noticed that they must have some zoning regulations restricting the change of any exterior walls. We saw exterior walls standing with the interiors totally gutted for renovation.
Some of the doors in the Plaka are beautifully maintained, but the ones with a little weathered age were appealing to me as an artist. Quite a few stairways to upstairs locations were gated with beautiful wrought ironwork.

The original painting is matted in 100% rag (museum)
and has an inner filet of gold.

inquire about pricing
Image size:18.25" x 10.25"
Size framed: 21" x 16.5"



Lunch in the Plaka, Athens
This is a painting from my travel sketchdiary. We had walked quite a bit one day and sat down with friends to have lunch in the Plaka. While waiting for our delicious food (ranging from lamb to octopus) I painted the sidewalk beyond the restaurant, making notes of the day's activities.

This is a procedure that I did every day while on this wonderful trip. My sketchbook is full of visusal memories, and goes with me wherever I travel.

The original painting is not for sale, but I have made prints (notations and all...for those who might be interested in my comments).

Sunset on Santorini
This is perhaps the most beautiful location (that I have seen) in the Greek Islands. At this point we had taken so many tours that all we wanted to do was just slowly walk around and absorb the view. We ventured into a pottery studio, meeting a woman who had gone to Santorini twelve years ago for three months...and never left. She was from New York state! She took the time to teach us our first Greek word..."Thank you"....and wrote it down phonetically so that we would not forget.

Are you ready for this? "F.Harry Stowe" (with the emphasis on the last word) Greeks were very impressed with our limited knowledge of their language.




A Side Street in Old Town, Rhodes, Greece
We were told not to venture into the side streets in Old Town because we would surely get lost as they weave around. So all I could do was photograph interesting little streets.Some were much more narrower than this one.




Santorini from the Top
Eleven hundred feet above the Caldera sits the most incredible little town. We relaxed in a restaurant's outdoor section above most of the city and drank a coke (with no ice....as we were a bit afraid of the water at this point) As it turned out, the water in most of Greece was acceptable but we were taking no chances.
I gladly sat and painted for a while in my sketchbook.

At this point we could see some of the islands beyond the volcano, and little chapels painted the color of the sky....domes glistening in the brilliant sun. We were very lucky to have pleasantly warm, but not stifling temperatures in which to enjoy the scenery. The year before, in the same week of August the temperatures had been 130º F !!!

Journal painting NFS

Church of the Virgin of the Burgh
At the entrance to Old Town, Rhodes, Greece, stands the ruins of a once beautiful little church. Both narrow ends are standing, but the center has been destroyed. It was such a restful place to sit and paint. Another artist from England (I believe) sat down and chatted with me for quite a while. We were laughing about how the sunblock I was wearing created a resist on the sketchbook page, resulting in a wonderful rock texture. I'll have to remember that trick.

Journal painting NFS

Get Your Turkish Shoe Shine Here!
Everywhere we went in Istanbul there were men on the street, in hotels, in alleys, polishing shoes. Their apparatus for holding the wax and brushes was made of brass....and usually polished to a gleaming brilliance.The man in our hotel was wearing a Turkish costume and really looked the part of a fortune teller! The man depicted here was in the "high rent" district and obviously polishing many shoes of his established customers....as there was no one else around but us chickens.

ORIGINAL IS SOLD to a Turkish resident who visited the US!


A Turkish Paradox

I couldn't help myself....for taking the picture of this traditional Turkish woman in all her robes, scarves, etc., using a modern banking machine.Above the machine was printed "BANKOMAT"
I say "Have card, will travel....Go Girl!"


Lunch in the Plaka
The very last day of our visit to Athens was the first day of real sunshine. We had wandered through the Plaka the evening before in order to really capture the flavor of Greek nightlife. ....and boy, do they swing at night!!!
Dinner begins at 9 p.m. The strolling guitars and mandolins are playing and the restauranteurs are trying to entice you into their establishment for an evening's meal. It was a charming atmosphere. The shops were open and we browsed through them without spending a dime.That took willpower!
At lunch the last day, I was serenaded by a Greek violinist and enjoyed a salad plate of Greek vegetables and octopus.....a delicious feast!


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