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Learning the Basics of Watercolor
Learning the Basics of Watercolor

Painting Flowers in Watercolor
Painting Flowers in Watercolor

Painting on Watercolor Canvas

Painting on Watercolor Canvas



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for more paintings of France and Provence go to Acrylic Paintings and Provence

also a few new OIL paintings on this page

From the north to the south, France offers a wide range of painting opportunities. Cathedrals, flowers, the Mediterranean, homes of famous Impressionists, Museums, rivers, harbors, medieval villages, the Eiffel Tower, and the hustle and bustle of people offer opportunities for artists in designing paintings.

Monet's Pond

Oil: 36" x 48" $3000

Prints of this are available on FineArtAmerica.com

The original is shown at Imagery Fineart in Chagrin Falls, OH. 440-247-1278

I had this canvas sitting around for a couple years and finally mustered up the courage to tackle it in oils. It is such a restful place, and painting it calmed my nerves! Really!

Monet's Pond

French Lace

8" x 8" SOLD

OIL on canvas (gallery wrap)

I thought of New Orleans, LA when I saw this beautiful wrough-iron work. So I dubbed this French Lace ....


French lace

Mont Martre in the Rain
5 x 7
watercolor on textured Claybord. Between rain and spots of bright sunlight we toured the artist's booths, and remarked how everyone carries an umbrella. A sudden rainstorm blew in and then the sun came out again.


with white frame (If need be, you can place a more ornate frame around the white frame).

Brasserie Isle St. Louis
Image: 8" x 10"
a new painting on Claybord®.
The step by step illustrations of its development will be on my watercolor painting tips in the future on the Watercolor Paper page. Check this website for the painting process:


Prints in many sizes are on:FineArtAmerica.com


Cafe Roussillon, Paris
Image: 12" x 12"

It always rains in Paris, but that doesn't discourage the residents nor the tourists.This cafe is located near the Eiffel Tower and was a nice respite from the walk we took to get there (in the rain)!

The step by step process for this painting will soon be on my "tips" website. Keep checking it. It was painted on Rtistx Board, a new surface for watercolorists.



Sisterly Love
Image:22" x 30"
..accepted in the Memphis/Germantown International Exhibition, May, 2006
These two darling children were sitting on a park bench. Obviously they were brother and sister and she was showing him something in her little sachel. I took numerous photos of them from the top deck of a tour bus as we stopped for a 5 minute break for the driver. The shadows caught my eye first, and suddenly I realized what a wonderful subject this would be for a painting.

Prints are available on:



Light on the Lavender

16" x 20"

OIL on canvas board

Scene at L'Abbaye du Senanque near Gordes, France

Honfleur Harbour

8" x 10"

OIL on canvas board

After a long day's drive from Renaze, sightseeing through Mont St. Michel, Omaha Beach and environs, my group arrived in Honfleur as the sun was sinking in the west. Wonderful shadows on the boats and the harbor made wonderful subjects for photos. Dining on mussels and other fresh seafood was a treat.



 The Bridge at Armaille, France
Image: 10.5" x 13.5"

Painting in ancient villages for a week took us to places like Armaille and La Roe, La Guerche de Bretagne, Chartres, and Bourg d'Ire. Quiet little villages gave us the opportunity to paint without interruption....except for the French couple who were fishing....and made comments about one of the student's work. She thought they wanted to know the price,....but all they were saying was that it was a beautiful painting!


The Ruins of La Roe Abbey
La Roe, France
Image: 11" x 14"


We had a picnic under the trees at La Roe Abbey, and toured the ruins with great interest. It is in deplorable shape, but rich in history. The mayor of the village has complete control of how money is spent to restore ancient monuments. So tours help to pay for restoration. I can well imagine that the numbers of people going through this abbey will not pay for much restoration over the years.


Ile de la Cite on the Seine, Paris

for further info, see the Canvas page.

It Also Rains in Monet's Garden
image: 26" x 40"

for more images of Monet's Gardens, see this page

Prints of this image are on:


Reflections Among the Lily Pads,
Monet's Garden
image: 26" x 40"

Prints of this image are on:


Calanques on the Mediterranean
image: 10" x 14" on watercolor canvas
Gallery wrap

Lighthouse, Cassis Harbour $300
image: 20" x 24" on watercolor canvas

The Castle Above Cassis, FR
image: 11" x 14"
Gallery Wrap

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