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Learning the Basics of Watercolor
Learning the Basics of Watercolor

Painting Flowers in Watercolor
Painting Flowers in Watercolor

Painting on Watercolor Canvas

Painting on Watercolor Canvas


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Raised in Mississippi, my interest in art began at an early age, but was secondary to my study of music until at the college level when I decided to pursue art as my major.....then studying Advertising Design, and not taking up watercolor painting until much later when my children were in school all day and I could devote long hours to the practice of painting.  Eight to ten hours a day were spent trying to “catch up”. I was driven by the desire to learn the craft and excited when I began winning awards in both local and national shows.

(Mary Ann Guice Boysen)

Like many artists starting their careers, I felt the need to control the painting process into infinite detail. This mood subsided when I found an instructor who taught me how to enjoy the process, the happy accidents, and the things that didn’t need controlling.

I just wanted to paint what I saw, but add to that a mood that was interesting. I delight in strong color, strong shadows, detail only where it needs to be, yet many people say the paintings look like photographs. It is my desire to go far beyond that image, and truly create a work of art.

My subjects have been so varied over the years, that I don’t know which is my favorite. As I tackle a challenging subject, and learn the ins and outs of painting it successfully, I move on to another challenge. I, perhaps will never be known for painting one thing all my life, as the world is so full of wonderful experiences that I want to paint them all!

My greatest joy sharing new techniques and products that I may have just learned about myself! Sometimes I am learning right along with my students!

In 2005, I discovered watercolor canvas, and have been totally fascinated with this wonderful product. I can paint in watercolor on a surface that has been reserved for acrylics and oil over the centuries. When finished the paintings are treated with an acrylic varnish, and can be framed without glass, offering the buyer the solution to the reflection problem, I am grateful to the canvas manufacturer for having the forethought and courage to come up with somethingthat adds diversity to the life of an artist.

I am so taken with this process that I wrote a book for artists who would like to experiment with the canvas. It is available on this site. To read more about it, click here.

I love being able to change my mind in the middle of a painting and wipe out an entire section without destroying the surface on which I am painting.  My first feeling was that I wanted to retain the clarity of transparent watercolor (like the purist that I have been since I learned to paint), but there are so many more avenues that watercolor provides, that I find it exciting to change colors, textures, and go from transparent colors to opaque colors to add body to the painting. 

My subjects have run the gamut from still life to architecture, landscapes, broken glass, cut glass, lace and flowers. On my trips abroad, I actually add people to the paintings because that is where the people are! The ancient buildings without people in the streets would look lonely and barren.

More recently, I have been introduced to Rtistx Board, a product manufactured in Texas, made of PVC with a special granulated surface. It produced the most amazing washes that you can imagine! This is another surface worth looking into and exploring. If you love watercolor, you will love this! As you surf through this site, you will see many paintings on this product and I think you will agree that they have a special quality that cannot be achieved on any other surface.

At my ripe old age, I am really having fun learning new things about waterbased mediums, and my latest is painting in acrylics with a palette knife. Using blending mediums and retarders, I can make it feel as if I am painting with oils, yet they dry much faster. It is fun to get three-dimensional textures to my work. Another avenue, another adventure. I try to upload images frequently so that my students and the public can see what I am up to! It is fun, and I encourage your responses to what I produce.

My other love is working with the computer, learning new things that will keep me in contact with the public as I age. My webpage has been on the Internet since 1995. My son calls me a pioneer, as not many people had websites then nor email! By having learned the use of the computer in those years, I now can design ads for organizations for which I volunteer, send emails to those interested in my work, and keep myself very busy on any rainy day!

So there you have it, my life, my work, my passion......creativity…painting,… being involved in life!


Teaching Experience

• Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland,OH
• Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY
• Cheekwood Museum, Nashville, TN
• Kingsport Art Association, Kingsport, TN
• Art Association of SouthernPines, NC
• Springfield Art Association, OH
• Private workshops in Tampa FL,
....Evansville IN, Hawaii and ....Trinidad/Tobago
• Lakeside Association, Lakeside, OH
• Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls, OH
Orange Art Center, Pepper Pike, OH
• Wildwood Art Center, Mentor, OH
• Painesville Art Center, Painesville, OH
• Western Ohio Watercolor Society, Dayton
• Tennessee Art League, Nashville, TN
Martin Center, Brentwood TN

• my studio, Paintin’ Place, Novelty, OH
• LIMA Area Arts Council, Lima, OH

Workshops and Painting Abroad

• Northern France(Paris, Renazé and Giverny),
• Tuscany
• Venice
• Provence,( Cassis en Provence)
• Greece
• Turkey
• Mexico


National Juried Competitions

• American Watercolor Society
• Chautauqua National
• Watercolor Ohio (awards)
• Kentucky Watercolor Society (award)s
• Michigan Watercolor Society
• Mississippi Grand National (award)
• Greater New Orleans International ...(award)
• American Artist MagazineCompetition, ....finalist
• Boston Mills Juried Art Festival
• Audubon Artists Juried Competition
• Ohio Watercolor Society (awards)
• Ohio State U. National Watermedia ...Invitational
• San Diego Watercolor Society
• Georgia Watercolor Society
• Midwest Watercolor Society
• Pittsburgh Aqueous
• Southern Watercolor Society
• Rocky Mountain National
• Salmagundi Club
• Bluegrass Painting Exhibition (awards)
• Cain Park Juried Art Festival
• Cincinnati Museum of Natural History ....Invitational
• Art Pro National, Ann Arbor Michigan
• Associated Artists of Winston-Salem


• Bank One, Cleveland
• KeyCorp, Cleveland
• Nestles Corp/ Cleveland/Denver
• National City Bank, Cleveland
• Deposit Guaranty Bank, Jackson, MS
• Wachovia National Bank, Charlotte, NC
• Ohio Bar Association, Columbus
•Cummins Diesel, Cleveland   
...and many others


• Artist Sketchbook Magazine, June 2004
• Art-to-Art Palette, Spring, 2005
• Author of e-book, Painting on Watercolor Canvas, June, 2006
•Author of e-book, Painting Flowers in Watercolor, 2009
•Author of e-book, Learning the Basics in Watercolor, 2009


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