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This page features composite prints of the golf course and clubhouse of the Sanctuary Golf Club on Sanibel Island.

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Instruction for painters: Painting sand and surf and stormy skies requires freedom of movement. Standing while painting gives the artist more freedom to manipulate the brush and paints. Using whole arm movements instead of just hand and finger movements to manipulate the brush is more effective in covering large dramatic areas.

Paints should be prepared in advance in large enough quantities so that you don't have to re-mix again (usually coming up with an entirely different color than the original. Starting with the lighter and warmer colors, the washes need to be applied to wet paper so there are no brush strokes to interfere with the flow of the design.

The cool colors may be added in one of two ways: while the original washes are wet, or by allowing them to dry and then applying them with a large brush drenched in the color so that re-loading the brush is not necessary. The warm colors can be neutralized with a light wash of the cool color, or the cool color can be painted around the warm color to create a vibrant contrast.

Sand has a texture that can be added by spattering a light mixture with a toothbrush or from a round brush flipped against your finger. In water as well as sand, the use of many colors laid on top of each other after the other is dry gives more dimension to the painting. Where sand texture is needed, the same approach applies. Just spatter one color, then another color. You will be surprised at the depth that is achieved this way.

Original Painting:
22" x 30"

Perhaps a Storm Approacheth !


Painting with green! Keeping the paper wet during the process helps the green color, and any other color that is mixed with it, blend on the page. Starting with the lightest greens for the overall green areas, you can proceed to add layers of darker greens to achieve depth. This may take several layers of color (changing the consistency and the temperature of the color helps this process.

The Sanctuary Golf Club (composite
Image size:6.5" x 12.5
Matted size: 10.5" x 17"

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Each individual original painting is for sale.
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The Sanctuary Golf Club #2
Image size:6.5" x 12.5
Matted size: 10.5" x 17"

TO ORDER....Click here

Each individual original painting is for sale.
Please inquire by email.


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