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Learning the Basics of Watercolor
Learning the Basics of Watercolor

Painting Flowers in Watercolor
Painting Flowers in Watercolor

Painting on Watercolor Canvas

Painting on Watercolor Canvas

Painting on Watercolor Canvas

Painting on Watercolor Canvas



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On this page are Dog, Cat, and Horse portraits....also some of the bird nests that I have been painting for years.


Freshining UP Freshening Up! ....SOLD

watercolor: prints available on FineArtAmerica.com

These beautiful birds were my subject when visiting the Holden Arboretum one day. The Arboretum is a sanctuary of plants and wildlife and gives many classes on how to plant, grow and maintain a garden. And I have taught painting classes there as well.

Flying High Flying High....SOLD

Living in Ohio offers a year 'round relationship with the Canada Goose. They feed near the ponds all summer, and often stay over in winter, keeping part of a pond unfrozen when they can. They are graceful birds, beautiful flyers and everyone slows down when they lead their young across the road, with the drake keeping careful watch over his family.

Freshening Up 2 Freshing Up II,.....SOLD
as you can see, the bird in the foreground is the same as in the painting above. I often use my photos and rearrange the animals or birds for effect. This is called "Artistic License"

watercolor: prints available on FineArtAmerica.com

Here's Lookin' atcha!
Image 30" x 40" on watercolor canvas (gallery wrap)
Well, Here's lookin' at you too! I found these beautiful animals on a day long Safari in South Africa. The painting is on watercolor canvas and measures 30" x 40". It is painted around the edges to eliminate the need for a frame or glass. I found that the grasses were more of a challenge than the animals!

Nest of Night

Image: 10.5" x 15.25"

My students love to paint birds' nests using the glazing method. Of course this requires lots of masking and many layers jof wet washes AND hairdryers. Many times we have blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers! The results of this method are colorful layers of twigs intertwined. Most of them have not been dark, but have been more transparent washes. I painted this one with many more layers to give it the nighttime atmosphere.

Clowning Around the Reef:

18" x 24", watercolor on Rtistx Board

Prints on paper or canvas available at:

Expecting Again 40" x 38"
Aqueous Acrylic on Watercolor Canvas

prints available on paper or canvas:

Expectation 18" x 24" SOLD

Prints available on FineartAmerica.com

This is one of many that I have painted on R-tistx Board in order to get the smooth background washes as a contrast to the texture of the next.

Nest O' Kin, painted on 200# Waterford Paper

We Sing for Our Supper, 16: x 20" on Rtistx Board

Birds of a Feather Nest Together, 16" x 20" painted on Rtistx Board

Nesting in the Treetops, 20" x 30" on Watercolor Canvas

No Matter How Hard I Try, I Can't Get My Head That High in The Sky!
Image: 14" x 18" on watercolor canvas

I was fortunate to go on a couple of daylong safaris and took photographs of these incredible animals. I decided to pair these two for a bit of humor.


This beautiful Spaniel is Spencer, a very energetic and fast moving pup! Portraits such as this, with a background and full figure are 20% more than the prices stated.


A painting of your favorite pet can be commissioned. Send a photo by email in .jpg format (640 x 480 pixels, 72 dpi or larger) to (art@maboysen.com)

8" x 10" image" $175
11" x 14" image: $450
12" x 16 " image: $750
14" x 14" image: $750
16" x 20" image: $800
18" x 24" image" $850
20" x 24" image: $950
22" x 28" image: $1400
24" x 36" image: $1500

50% deposit requested

Through Paypal you may use any credit card.

for secure online ordering

I named this "Curly", as it was not a commission and I don't know the dog's name. He or she was just too photogenic to be passed up. The image size is: 14" x 14"

Photographs may be sent to Mary Ann Boysen,
9946 Music St.,
Novelty, OH 44072
Photographs can be taken by the artist.


These paintings can be done on watercolor canvas which allows you to frame without the glare of glass. Ask for a "Canvas Wrap" when ordering the commission. Canvas Panels may be floated from the wall with 1" strips attached to the back, and no frame.

Watercolors can also be done on the traditional 100% rag watercolor paper.

Mr. Personality !
This Papillon is an agility dog anxiously awaiting his next chance at a medal.

Image: 16" x 20"
on a watercolor canvas panel.

It is on display in Lakewood, NY at Christa's Angel on Earth


This is Archie, a rambunctious fluffy Corgie that belongs to my friend, Suzie.

Image: 18" x 24"
painted on a watercolor canvas panel


Otis and Oakley,
Jack Russell Terriers, photographed during the Hunter Jumper Classic in Cleveland, OH. All horse owners and lovers bring their pets to the Polo Field during this week of competition.

Image: 18" x 24"
painted on a watercolor canvas panel


Dogs of all kinds and breeds accompany their masters to the polo field in the summer, and especially during the horse shows that are so popular in my area. This is a little Westie puppy. I couldn't resist painting it.

Image: 16" x 20" painted on a watercolor canvas panel



This is a commission that I did on watercolor paper. The paper gives a much smoother background if that is your preference.


on watercolor canvas

image: 12" x 12"

A precious Bichon Frisé who is a Champion! White on white was a challenge, but it turned out to please the owner. "Mia" is featured in my e-book about painting on watercolor canvas.



on watercolor canvas

image: 12" x 12"

Breeze got her name because she runs like the breeze and never stop until she drops. She will retrieve a stick for hours and never takes her eye off it. Here she was just pausing between tosses.


This is Gilligan, who belongs to a friend of mine. This is painted on watercolor canvas. 20" x 24".

see prices above.



This is Chadwick, a lovely affectionate cat with silky fur (and sheds like crazy!). He belongs to my friend also, who owns Gilligan.

What a wonderful opportunity it was to paint these beautiful cats!

...painted on watercolor canvas panel 20" 24"


A regal jumper at the Merrill Lynch Hunter Jumper Classic/2006

Original watercolor on a watercolor canvas panel.

Image size: 18" x 24"



Struttin' his Stuff
image: 16" x 20" on a watercolor canvas panel


Action (FULL) figures with background are 20% more in cost than the prices stated above.

Digital Images may be sent to art@maboysen.com in .jpeg format.

Photographs may be sent to Mary Ann Boysen,
9946 Music St.,
Novelty, OH 44072
Photographs can be taken by the artist.

16" x 20" on watercolor canvas panel
This horse was dramatically lit from the rear and I thought it a bit different and challenging to paint.


Paint and Palomino,
Last Chance Rescue
Image size: 16" x 20"
watercolor on watercolor canvas



Let Me Introduce Myself,
My Name is Willie




The horse pictured here belongs to my daughter-in-law. His nickname is "Cheeks".

Sarah's Boots, a painting done on location for a friend. Sarah was a beautiful and accomplished horsewoman, who is no longer with us,, but her memory lingers on in many animal related centers in the Cleveland, OH area. The Sarah Allison Steffee Center for Zoological Medicine at the Cleveland Zoo is only one of those places. SOLD

Behind the Scenes, a quick study of the time a horse owner spends with his prize jumper as he relaxes between competitions. SOLD

The Blue Ribbon
painted in memory of Sarah Allison Steffee


© original is SOLD



Awaiting the Judging
(original SOLD)
also available in prints)

My very favorite little calf waiting his turn at the Geauga County Fair in Burton, Ohio. This is always a wonderful annual event, with many animals, exhibits and events. His face tells the story.

Image size: 10.5 x 14.5 
Matted size: 16.5 x 21
Large Print price: $85

Smaller Print image: approx. 5 x 7
Small Print price: $45


Image Size:7" x 10.5"
matted: $55

Cleaning Up at the
Grand Prix

an image from my traveling sketchbook

From head to tail these horses are bathed and colled down. Their handlers say they really don't like it, but I saw them stand patiently while the suds were applied with a sponge, and rinsed with a hose.

Print only


Keeping Cool

After a ride in the summer heat, a sudsy bath is appreciated. It is a gentle time for horse and rider




Print Size:7" x 10.5"
matted: $55

Cooling Off at the Grand Prix, Hunting Valley, OH

an image from my traveling sketchbook

It is much easier for me to paint them here than when they are jumping!

Print only




Feed Me!




Original painting,SOLD



© Learning to Ride is Therapeutic

Print only

Inquire about sizes and prices




The Overseer

Limited Edition Offset Print
Image: 20 x 27

Contact: Jana Young



Some Spread!
Original SOLD


© Tall and Stately

In a visit to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, we fed the giraffes on a photo safari through the park. What an experience! If you have never fed one, don't miss the opportunity. I couldn't resist their wonderful faces to photograph with my video camera and paint. I am still searching for more angles that I can use.

Original painting: SOLD


Waiting for Customers, Lakeside

Standing in front of the Lakeside Pavilion, this carriage is ready for business.
Original Painting $275

Prints available in two sizes. Inquire

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