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My E-Books

Learning the Basics of Watercolor
Learning the Basics of Watercolor

Painting Flowers in Watercolor
Painting Flowers in Watercolor

Painting on Watercolor Canvas

Painting on Watercolor Canvas



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Venice, Italy

Watercolor onCanvas
All about Watercolor Paper

on R-tistx Board & Claybord®

How to Paint Crystal and Lace

Painting with Color!

Portraits in Watercolor

How to Paint Clouds

How to Paint Water Reflections

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My E-Books

The first e-book I wrote is Painting on Watercolor Canvas. This is an exciting surface created by Fredrix Canvas/Tara Materials, and easy for the beginner because it allows easy corrections to the very end of the painting process. It allows you to paint on a canvas panel or a stretched canvas. The latter should be a depth of 1.5" so that you can paint around the edges, creating a "gallery wrap". This requires no framing at all. After the painting is complete and dry, an acrylic spray or watercolor varnish spray can be used to seal the surface. In addition to that you can optionally use an acrylic gel to add texture to the painting, thereby protecting the surface even more.

I discovered the special canvas and was quite taken with the look of the finished product, as I could paint “aqueously” or heavy (which gives the work more of an acrylic look). It is VERY forgiving, and changes can be made easily during the painting process. My beginner students love it! It also has the capability of being sealed with a UV spray and framed without glass.

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This book deals with numerous ways to approach flower painting. White flowers, colored flowers, and flowers with or without a background. Most of the paintings in this e-book are done on Rtistx Board, another surface that I love. The washes flow together and become smooth, glowing phrases across the page. It is a PVC product with a special granular surface on one side that accepts the watercolor, and the colors end up very saturated and brilliant. I love color, so this is one of my favorite surfaces now. It also can be sealed and framed without glass. Remember, No Glass, No Glare!  I also still paint on 100% rag paper, but really prefer not to have to mat and frame with glass.

. To order the book, please click here .

Painting Flowers in Watercolor....one of the things I love to paint most, gave me the inspiration to write this e-book for you. In it I show you how to paint them without drawing, for a fresh approach. And I paint several different kinds of flowers from start to finish. Click here to order.









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